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Ticket Centre

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Tuesday to Saturday 10 am – 4 pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays
Closed for statutory holidays

Open 1 hour before show time for the current performance ticket sales.


In Person
442 Cliffe Avenue
Courtenay, BC
One block up the hill from the 5th Street bridge.
Directions and parking info

Charge by Phone
Visa and MasterCard accepted
Toll Free: 1.866.898.TIXX (8499)
Phone: 250.338.2430 ext 1

Purchase Tickets Online
Click the ‘Purchase Tickets’ button wherever you see it. Orders are secure and are processed immediately.

Purchase Tickets



A $2 e-commerce fee applies to each online order.





Where are you located?
We are located at 442 Cliffe Ave in Courtenay, BC, Canada.  You can order tickets in person at this address, by phone at 250.338.2430 ext 1, or online.


Are funds in US or CAD?
We are Canadian, so all prices shown are in Canadian funds.


What do we do at the Ticket Centre?
We sell tickets for performances held at the Sid Williams Theatre and for events around the Comox Valley. We also answer a lot of questions from tourists and locals about what is happening around town or where to find tickets for other events. Need help? Call us at 250.338.2430 ext 1 or email us tickets@sidwilliamstheatre.com.


How to I get my tickets?
It depends on how you order your tickets and when.
When you order your tickets in person, you receive your tickets immediately. When you order by phone than we will hold your tickets at the Ticket Centre for pick up before on on your way into the show, or you can pay a $2.00 mailing fee ($1.90 + gst).

When you order online and there is time to ensure ticket reach you before the performance (10 business days), then they are mailed. The cost of mailing is included in the $2 online fee. If there is not time to mail the tickets, then they are held at the Ticket Centre for you to pick up in advance or on your way into the show.


What are order fees?
The Sid Williams Theatre Society is a registered charitable organization. There are some small order fees associated with recovering costs of doing business. Some costs are covered by grants, government assistance, local fundraising, and rentals, but not all costs. In the ‘Ticketing Industry’, fees don’t seem to ever be included in the advertised price. We understand that this leads to ‘the bottom line’ being higher than expected and we do our best to ensure our fees are cost recovery and not profit related. If our costs go down, so will our fees.

  • $ 2.00 per ticket ($ 1.90 + GST) – Each ticket has a $2 per ticket fee added to the advertised price at the time of sale.
  • $ 2.00 per online order ($ 1.90 + GST) – This is an e-commerce cost recovery fee. Mailing is included if time permits.**
  • $ 2.00 per mailing order ($ 1.90 + GST) – This applies to phone orders where mailing is requested. You don’t have to have tickets mailed, we are happy to safely store them at the Ticket Centre until you pick them on up on your way to the show.
  • $ 2.00 per exchanged order ($ 1.90 + GST) – This applies to exchanges between a show night of the same name.

**Ticket mailing is only available on orders purchased 10 or more business days prior to the event.


Does my child have to pay for a ticket?
Yes. Each person (including infants) must have a valid ticket to enter a performance. We ask that for the enjoyment of all patrons, please only bring infants and children to events that are recommended for their age group.

Some shows that are friendly for the ‘whole family’ may offer infants (1 year and under) free tickets. Infants are 1 year and under because they sit on your lap. Children over 1 year old are expected to wiggle more and therefore require their own seat.


Can I refund my ticket?
No, we are not able to offer refunds for most circumstances. However, we do encourage you to contact us if your circumstance occurs before the performance has occurred and includes severe cases that do not allow you to attend (e.g. hospitalized illness, death, police road closures). Email us at info@sidwilliamstheatre.com and we will forward your request to management. Ticket Refund Policy


Can I exchange my ticket to another show?
Yes, if your request falls within the following conditions:

  • An exchange is available for performances of the same name with different times/days.
  • A service fee of $2 (including GST) per ticket exchanged will apply.
  • Requests for ticket exchanges will be accepted up to 24 hours prior to the date of the tickets you are holding. This provides the Ticket Centre the opportunity to resell the exchanged tickets.
  • Exchanges can only be done in person with the original tickets. The patron that purchased the ticket(s) is the only patron that can exchange the tickets.
  • At any time, the presenter or promoter of the performance can request that we do not permit exchanges for a performance.


My tickets are lost or didn’t arrive by mail, what do I do?
Don’t panic! Call the Ticket Centre at 250.338.2430 ext 1. In the event that you have lost your tickets, left them at home, or they haven’t arrived by mail, tickets can be reprinted for you when you arrive for the performance. You must be the original purchaser of the tickets and ID may be required.


Why do you ask for my contact information?
To contact you in case there is information about the performance that you purchased ticket to, that you may want to or need to know.

We need your phone number to help us contact you if a show is cancelled, problem with your order, change in the show date or time, or we are lonely. We ask for your address if you purchase using a credit card because the credit card company tells us that if we can prove you are real person, they may not charge us a higher percentage on your order. We ask for your email address so that we can confirm your online order with you and give you information about your performance. We do have a strict privacy policy and we ensure that we follow it.


Why won’t you tell me where my friend is sitting so I can get seats beside them?
Did we mention that we have a strict privacy policy? We can’t tell anyone where anyone is sitting.
However, that doesn’t stop your friend from telling you where they are sitting. If they tell you where they are sitting, call us and we can check to see if there are unsold seats beside them.


What is your Privacy Policy?
The Sid Williams Theatre Society does not offer information to the public about you or your tickets. If you are purchasing tickets as a gift, we can transfer those tickets to the recipient’s account so they are eligible for reprints of lost tickets, exchanges (as per the exchange policy above), or phone calls/emails when important information about the performance needs to be known (e.g. delays, time and/or content changes).

Sid Williams Theatre Privacy Policy